What type of woman uses a Mooncup? Do you even know what one is?

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Wonder Women, telegraph.co.uk, August 2013

Sometimes a sanitary product isn’t just a sanitary product; sometimes it’s a badge of honour pertaining to a certain lifestyle, discovers Rebecca Holman on her enlightening Mooncup mission.

If you’ve been in a chemist in south London at any point in the last week, you might have seen me in there, staring at the tampons and sanitary towels with a look of intense concentration on my face.

I was looking for a Mooncup, which, incidentally, are difficult to come by in the insalubrious bit of London where I live. I eventually find one in a smallish branch of Boots in an area several house-price brackets above my ‘hood. This makes me wonder – are Mooncups a rich woman’s game?

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